England is the largest, most populated and southern part of Great Britain. England traditionally exist of 39 counties and each holds great attractions for local people and especially for foreigners. If you want to buy an estate in England it is important to know details about the location and the situation of the local estate market, because the choice of interesting estate is huge. Estate agents say that there is nearly no local price difference. So it is possible the price for an attractive estate in Kent is the same as in Yorkshire.

On the other hand estates near towns are often more expensive because there is a great demand by commuters.

If you want to enjoy a nice view of a beautiful landscape or you look for a house near the coast you have to pay much more.

Therefore it is most important to know where the estate should be situated. Thinking of the middle or the north of England you may imagine well-kept English gardens, lovely towns and monuments near golf courses.

The southwest of England is famous for its beautiful landscape and national parks. Counties like Cornwall, Devon, Avon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire belong to the most popular areas for tourists.

The attraction are the subtropical climate, cultural and historical places like Stonehenge or Bath which belongs to the word´s cultural heritage. People who like living in cities might prefer to move to Bristol or Plymouth.

The south east is the firstly seen area for tourists who come to England via Dover or Folkestone in Kent.

The counties Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, East and West Sussex are situated in this area. The White Cliffs of Dover, the seaside resorts on the south coast and the castles and gardens on the Isle of Wight attract a lot of tourists every year.

London, the capital, of course is most attractive, too. London with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace is the biggest City, not just from England, but from the United Kingdom. It hast got about 8.000 000 inhabitants.

Northwest of London there is the University of Oxford which came to fame all over the world. The typical English mentality might be different from ours and perhaps a bit difficult to understand, but you get used to it quickly.

The English have a special kind of humor and some characteristics which a foreigner might get used to step by step.

A lot of tourists want to go to the National Park of Sherwood Forest because they remember the romantic stories about Robin Hood and Lady Marian. The forest has 423 hectare and stretches from Nottingham to Doncaster in Yorkshire. It is more difficult to buy an estate in this area, because it is a nature reserve and local people don´t usually want to sell their houses. But if you are an England fan you will see that all the other counties offer super living conditions.